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Flim Capacitors

  • Flim Capacitors
Flim Capacitors

Flim Capacitors

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Voltage.Range VDC(VAC)
Metallized Polyester
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Metallized Polypropylene Capacitor (NON-INUCTIVE)
100V-1KV VDC
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0.01~10μ F
100-630 VDC
Metallized Polypropylene Film Capacitor (Class X2)
Polypropylene Film Capacitor
100V630V VDC
Polyester Film Capacitor(MAYLAR)
50-400V VDC

The film capacitor is a capacitor which is made up of metal foil as the electrode, which is made up of the polyethylene, polypropylene, polystyrene, polycarbonate, and so on. And according to the type of plastic film is also known as poly (ethyl ester capacitor) (also known as Mylar capacitor), polypropylene capacitors (also known as PP capacitors), polystyrene capacitors (also known as PS capacitors) and poly carbonate capacitors.

Dielectric classification
According to the different dielectric can be divided into three types of film capacitors:
T type: PET - Polyethylene (polyethylene terephthalate (or ester)) type P: PP-Polypropylene (polypropylene)
Type N: PEN-Polyethylene Naphthalate (polyethylene)
Film classification
According to the type of plastic film is divided into: Poly ethyl capacitor (also known as Mylar capacitor), polypropylene capacitors (also known as PP capacitors), polystyrene
Olefin capacitance (also known as PS capacitor) and poly carbonate.
The structure of capacitor and the same medium, polyester or polystyrene etc.. Polyester film capacitors, high dielectric constant, small size, large capacity, good stability, suitable for bypass capacitors. Polystyrene film capacitor, dielectric loss, high insulation resistance, but the temperature coefficient, can be used for high frequency circuit.
Line end classification
Thin film capacitor can be divided into DC film capacitors and AC thin film capacitor two categories: DC film capacitors is in thin film capacitor circuit of DC power supply, can be divided into general categories, the suppression of power electromagnetic interference, pulse and precision of four kinds of AC thin film capacitor; refers to the work in the film capacitor circuit of AC power supply, according to the functions of motor start operation, power factor compensation.

The thin film capacitor has a lot of excellent properties, so it is a kind of excellent capacitor. Its main features are as follows: non-polar, high insulation resistance, excellent frequency characteristics (frequency response is broad), and the medium loss is very small. Based on the above advantages, thin film capacitors are widely used in analog circuits. Especially in the part of the signal, must use a good frequency characteristics, dielectric loss is very low capacitor, to ensure that the signal in the transmission, will not have too much distortion occurs. Among all the plastic film capacitors, and polypropylene (PP) capacitors and polystyrene (PS) capacitance characteristics of the most significant, of course, the price of these two kinds of capacitors is relatively high. However, in order to improve the sound quality of audio equipment, the material has become more and more advanced, the price factor is not the most important, so the PP capacitance and PS capacitance is used in frequency and number of audio equipment is more and more high. Readers can often see a certain brand of equipment, claiming to use a number of such a famous brand of PP quality capacitor or PS capacitor, in order to do in terms of the quality of sound standards, the reason for this.

System of law
The common film capacitor is made up of aluminum and other metal foil as electrode and plastic film. However, there is another method of fabricating thin film capacitors, called Film (Metallized), which is made up of a thin layer of metal deposited on a plastic film in vacuum. In this way, the thickness of the electrode foil can be omitted, and the volume of the unit capacity of the capacitor can be reduced. For example, the common is the MKP capacitor, metallized polypropylene film capacitor (Metailized Polypropylene Film Capacitor) said, MKT is a polyethylene capacitor (Metailized Polyester)

Metallized film capacitor
The metallized film capacitors are made of poly (ethylene oxide), polypropylene, polycarbonate and so on. This type of metallized film capacitor has a so-called self healing (Self Healing Action), which assumes that small part of the electrode for electric medium fragility caused by short circuit, short circuit caused by electrode metal part around, due to static electric energy or short circuit current with time triggered and capacitor. The larger and the solution evaporation recovery insulation, the capacitor again returning capacitor effect.
Acoustic capacitor
Thin film capacitor used in audio equipment, the most famous early, most famous, most red elixir or WIMA containers of Germany said. In the early years of Taiwan has not yet appeared in the so-called tonic parts, WIMA was the only thing to buy the goods on the market. Although the progress of materials and technology and the needs of the market, various brands of advanced film capacitors have been dazzling, but WIMA should still be the most well-known brand. The most famous WIMA capacitor, it is the number of MKP-10 PP capacitor.
Audio capacitor common brand
After the WIMA, audio products are also used a lot, very historical, is the same as the German brand ERO capacitor. The ERO capacitor is common green, some are blue, and at the same time, WIMA assembled on the circuit board, side by side, Shashi good-looking. ERO is a brand of film capacitors, and ROE is another brand of advanced electrolytic capacitors, the same as the English alphabet, but the order is different, the reader can not mix. The same as the German brand, but the audio products used in the not too many SIEMENS capacitors, this brand of soap electrolyte capacitors and film capacitors is to adopt the German HI-END factory of MBL, and excellent performance, so the strength should not be underestimated.
Philips is a large enterprise group, its manufacturing products are too many to count people from home appliance products, the most popular, the most cutting-edge space technology, the level of capacitor production widely, of course, will not miss. The capacitor of its home, appearance is to show a kind of faint water blue, often can discover in acoustics equipment.
Rifa is a senior capacitance of the Swedish brand, PP common to the capacitor is blue, specification and sound performance are very good, but the price is also very expensive, so there are very few audio manufacturers to use, but as long as I pointed out three using this brand name sound factory, you can probably understand its strength where the. What about the three? Gryphon, Mark Leivenson and Cello in denmark.
Wonder capacitor and Relcap capacitors are in recent years quite a high capacitance while the limelight, the use of Wonder capacitors for Counterpoint machine is the most famous, Audio Research also used it, the appearance of a white cylindrical sealing glue is green; Relcap to Audio Research the most famous, the appearance of elliptic cylinder type light yellow.
France's Solen capacitor in the past few years is also very fast red, it is the appearance of cylindrical, black skin, both ends of the sealing glue with brick red and gray two. It is so far the only production of large capacity MKP capacitor (up to 200F) of well-known manufacturers of audio splitter so Solen capacitor is widely used in advanced speakers, for its famous are: Denmark Dynaudio horn, American Infinity horn (including ALT IRS-V column), France's JM Lab horn (flagship
ALCOR and UTOPIA had an ulterior motive in the horn on the back, in a transparent acrylic show super capacitor Solen custom, to show its extraordinary materials. In addition, many well-known manufacturers in the crystal machine or tube circuit are used in many.
MIT capacitors in history, is a high capacitance, the youngest listed so far, even three years, but since the launch, which can disturb the sensation of martial arts, to teach "to describe, once the HI-END sound circle topic. One reason is its special structure, MIT capacitor is a composite capacitor (Multi cap), which means a capacitor actually consists of a plurality of capacitors in parallel are compounded, so what are the advantages? Once again, the equivalent series resistance and the equivalent series inductance of the capacitor can be reduced, so that the capacitance of the MIT is closer to the ideal capacitor. Of course, there is a price to pay for this, and the price of the MIT capacitor is expensive enough to discourage manufacturers or individuals who want to use it, and it is also the second most compelling. In addition to its volume in the same capacity is relatively large, in particular parts of the circuit mounting density, ease of application will be restricted. It is the appearance of a white oval column, the lead is very thick, sealing glue is black, and it has two types of metal foil and metallized film.
Capacitor structure and the same medium is [d or polystyrene] aramid polyester. Polyester film capacitors, high dielectric constant, small size, large capacity, good stability, suitable for bypass capacitors.
Polystyrene film capacitor, dielectric loss, high insulation resistance, but the temperature coefficient, can be used for high frequency circuit.

Application status
Thin film capacitor Market Applications
Film capacitors are mainly used in electronics, electrical appliances, communications, electric power, electric railway, hybrid cars, wind power, solar power and other industries, the stable development of these industries, to promote the film capacitor market growth.
With the development of the technology, electronics, home appliances, communications and other industries replacement cycles are getting shorter, and the thin film capacitor with its good electrical performance and high reliability, has become the indispensable element of electronic industry upgrading. The next few years, with the digital information and network construction and further development of national power grid construction, electrification of railway construction, energy-efficient lighting, hybrid cars and other aspects of the increase of investment and consumer electronics products upgrading, film capacitor market demand will further show the trend of rapid growth.
According to the China electronic components industry association statistics, is expected to 2010, the global film capacitor market will be 15 to 20% of the rate of rapid growth, thin film capacitor market growth will be driven by the rapid growth of electronic market polypropylene film.
In 2012, with the country's environmental protection strategy, the capacitor to high power, high frequency.